Lyle 2016

Mark and I jumped in his Subey on Friday morning and headed south to meet up with the boys and get some miles in!  We stopped in Chehalis for a pretty decent lunch, then straight on down to Hood River.  We stopped for groceries and some bike parts.

The weather was iffy, but we decided to head up Canyon Road.

Canyon Road Strava Link


We headed a mile or so beyond Appleton Road and it started to rain.  Really rain!  Downpour!  So, we headed back and it was cold.  Really cold!  Luckily, though, it stopped raining about 1/4 of the way down the mountain and the descent was petty decent.  HA!  The rest of the ride was great.


Mike rolled in a couple hours later.  By then, Mark and I were showered and enjoying prepping ourselves for the weekend.


Derek and Nathan showed up a little bit after dark and we had a few adult beverages.

The next morning, Mark made some incredible waffles.  Derek was enjoying sleeping in.  Well, maybe not totally stoked, but he did get up.




The weather was looking great, so we headed out the door and toward Centerville!

Here’s the Strava link to the Centerville Loop.









After the climb, the ride into Centerville was SUPER fast due to the tailwind.  The boys were ripping.

We had a small rest at Centerville, followed by a couple brain farts by my brother and we finally made it down into the Klickitat River Valley and into the town of Kllickitat, where we again rested.  And corndog.


Mike was smart and didn’t ride Appleton Grade, but we were dumb and did.  It was hard.


It was pretty darn nice getting back to Mike’s place in Lyle.  The weather was warm.  I think we drank a lot.  Can’t remember where we ate dinner.


The next morning, we drove to The Dalles and did our typical Sunday ride.

Strava Link to 15 Mile Road ride.


When we got back to Mike’s, Derek had some margarita action.  I’m starting to remember last night.