Rainier 2016

What a great way to start the summer!

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I drove Nathan, Derek and Scott up to Crystal Mountain Blvd area thinking we would just ride Cayuse and Chinook Passes.  The morning started off relatively cool, but with cloudless blue skies.  The view up here is amazing!

We took off relatively quickly, but rode a nice tempo the rest of the day.

The ride up to Chinook is pretty mellow and even though it was a Saturday, the traffic was light.


Once we arrived at the top, we took some time to enjoy the views.





The ride wasn’t even close to long enough, so we decided to ride to the White River Campground.  We had heard that Sunrise was closed, but we figured it was worth heading down to the campground to check out the situation and get a few more miles in.

Turns out, the road was closed to cars, but had recently opened to cyclist and pedestrians.  Perfect situation!  Zero cars, hardly any people and the weather was absolutely ideal.


We hit impassable snow about 1/4 mile from the lodge.  The snow machines marked the end of the road and the views there were spectacular.