Nine to Five 2015

Nine to Five is a mountain bike race put on by our friends at MFG.  Mark did it last year and heavily encouraged Mike and me to join him.  The camping the night before was really fun.  I brought a salmon that we barbecued.  Didn’t sleep great, but still enjoyed hanging out in Mark’s Westy.  The race format for our division allowed our team to race as a relay for eight hours.  They made me take the first lap, which went well for the first half of the lap.  I hadn’t raced since CX last December, but we had done a few practices…Unlike our friends who had been training all summer.  I was in the top 5, but had a slight crash and that took the wind out of my sails.  I ended up a minute or so behind the leaders after the first lap.  We did our best and my laps times actually got better over the day.  It was a fun day.  The scoring was messed up, but I think we ended up around 5th in our division.  I also messed up the first lap’s GPS.  Thank God I didn’t have to race the fifth lap.

Strava Lap #1 (shortened)

Strava Lap #2

Strava Lap #3

Strava Lap #4