2013 Baker Lake Fishing, er…


On July 25, 2013, I drove up to Baker Lake to join my parents, Mike, Jessica, Tara, Finn and Ariel.  My dad basically spends the month of July up there fishing for sockeye.  Mike and Tara took the kids up their for the weekend to camp and try to catch a few.  I just drove up for the night to hang out with them, get eaten by mosquitos and to enjoy the outdoors.  Finn caught two really nice sockeye while I was there.

From Park Creek Campground, looking NE towards Mt. Blum.DSCF4747

Southeast down Baker LakeDSCF4748

Mt. BlumDSCF4750 DSCF4751

Early morning haze with a lot of fishing boats out on the lake.DSCF4752

Kruger campsite.DSCF4753 DSCF4754

Finn with his haul!DSCF4756

Girls being goofy.DSCF4757

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