Baker Lake Sockeye 2015

I drove to S-W on Friday and spent the day hanging out with my mom, which included a stop at Hal’s Drive-In.  It was excellent.  Also had a great time with my mom.  That afternoon I drove up to Baker Lake and found my parent’s RV.  My dad was off BSing with some other fisherman.  We made dinner, read some books and went to bed early to avoid the mosquitos.  The next morning we got up at 4 am!  Insane and kinda silly, but we NEEDED to catch some fish.  The limit is 3 each.  We arrived on the fishing grounds well before daylight but it took the fish about an hour and a half to start biting.  But then they really bit!  We caught 5 in a couple hours and then lost a few.  In all, it was a great day.  I loved spending the weekend with my parents and being up at Baker Lake was nice.