Westport 2013- Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary Trip

On September 13, 2013, approximately two weeks after Judy and Gary Kruger’s 50th wedding anniversary, we drove down to the town where we spent a few summers in the late 70s and early 80s.  The weather was slightly worse than we expected, but the house we rented was slightly better than we expected.  It was perfect!  This is the view from the deck.  We were right on the beach!Westport101

The kitchen was set up with everything we would need to cook for 7 people.Westport103

The gas fireplace was cozy…Westport104

…and they had video games.Westport102

Here’s the house from beach.Westport202

But really we were here to walk the beach, look at the boats (Gary) and enjoy our time together.  We headed north up the beach toward the jetty, half moon bay and Westhaven.Westport203

Throwing in a couple scenic photos…Westport205Westport207

Judy looking younger than her 50 years of marriage would have you believe.Westport206

We made it to the jetty.  Click on this one for a large panorama.Westport217

We ran around on this jetty every day when we were young.Westport208

Now it was time for some portraits.Westport105

Heidi made my parents do this.  It was pretty cute.Westport106

Happy sisters at the beach.Westport209

The bride and groom.Westport210

Here we were only missing Mike and Jessica…and Lulu.Westport211

Glenda almost at Half Moon Bay.Westport212

After walking around Westhaven, getting denied at the donut shop and being attacked by a million mosquitos on the road, we decided to head back out through the old bird sanctuary to the beach.  There were a bunch of mosquitos here, too.Westport214

This is the terrain we walked through for about an hour.Westport215

Finally made it to the beach trail.  Whew.Westport204

Heidi enjoyed the beach.Westport216 Westport218

Mike and Jessica showed up the next day after soccer practice.  They have pretty tough feet.  That is some seriously cold water.Westport107

Jessica liked the beach fort.Westport108

As you can see, the weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was fun and it reminded us of the summers living down here.Westport109

The beach grasslands were beautiful.Westport110

This is the trail from our house to the beach.Westport111 Westport112

The next day we took a drive down the coast to Washaway Beach, looked at the cranberry bogs and ate a fun dinner at a restaurant I was craving.Westport114Westport113

I think they ended up having a pretty great time.Westport201


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