Crab Boil 2016

Heidi and I drove up to Birch Bay on Friday, September 2 to prepare for the annual crab boil with the girls.  We got up there in time to get a load of crab.  The weather was beautiful, with large clouds hanging over southern British Columbia.  The clouds were light and fluffy on top, but thick enough to be almost black not the bottom.  The winds were completely calm, making crabbing especially easy.


We got our four limits out of one pot and headed back to the beach to cook the crab.


Although it was only just September, the air temperatures were cool.  This can be seen by the ladies’ clothing:


After we finished cooking and cooling the crab, we drove over to Blaine to take my parents to the Black Forest Steak House.  It was GREAT.  We all ate like pigs.  Once we got back to the beach, I insisted on having a fire and made everyone come out to enjoy it.

We were all in bed by 10 pm.

The next day we got up late, had breakfast and I went for a short CX training ride (Strava Link) and everyone else did a walk.  The girls rolled in that afternoon and we went back out to get even more crab for the weekend.  We got 30 crab out of two pots and again the weather was cool but smooth.



Of course Anna began eating the critters when they were barely out of the steaming water.  We had crab salads and watched the sunset.


This is about the 1000th photo that looks identical to the last.  But always beautiful.  Heidi made a bunch of awesome desserts.  Nicole and I lost the competition by default.


Here are some dipped cookies she made.  So good!

bbcb16-7 bbcb16-6

Here are some dipsticks.

The next morning, the girls and my dad got up and went for a long walk.  My mother and I went across the street for breakfast.

As everyone else was preparing for the crab boil that night, I drove down to Seattle to attend a friend’s memorial party.

Brian Weiss had died in August and a get-together was organized at Libby’s house to memorialize him.  I was happy to drive down to spend the day with his friends and family.  It was a very positive experience and it was obvious Brian had had an amazing influence on a lot of people.  He died way too young.  We all missed him and told each other so.  It was great seeing everyone, but also hard knowing that we should have been getting together more often prior to this tragedy as the cause of our gathering.


Bill Hankes did a great job emulating the master chef Brian.  Dave Sparrowgrove flew out from D.C. to attend the party.  He’s a great friend and a great guy, as are all of these folks.  Mark Pengra wore a bow tie and we all appreciated that.  I felt sorry for his family, friends, myself.  It was a beautiful, but sad day.

I drove back up to Birch Bay to be with my family and friends.  I didn’t say much, but I definitely appreciated them a lot that day.

I made it back just in time to go out for more crab.  Erik, Sarah, and Kennet were there by then.  When we arrived on the crab grounds, the current was still ripping.  None of the pots were showing as they were being drug under the surface by the flooding current.  Amazingly, Erik spotted the float that bobbed up for about 10  seconds.  I kept my eye on it and by the time we got to it, it had again gone under.  But I could see the float about 3 feet below the surface and I grabbed it using a boat hook.  We pulled it up and got most of our limit from that one pot.  By the time we had put that pot down, the other one showed up at the surface and we finished getting our quota.


Here’s the captain boiling the crab.  Not bad!


While we were out, the rest of the ingredients for the crab boil had been prepared.  This was our third attempt and we were really getting it dialed in.


A lot of crab, shrimp, clams, sausage, potatoes and corn were enjoyed by all for the next hour or so. There was a fierce debate about who ate the most crab.  Erik and Kennet won the prize for that night, but Anna won for the sum of the entire weekend.


Finally, we were able to enjoy the incredible lemon meringue cheesecake trifle that Heidi made.  It was stupid good.

We slept in a bit the next morning (Monday was a holiday!), so we had a great breakfast and people started heading off.  Nicole and Kennet began their big vacation to Montana and Wyoming and the rest of us headed back to Seattle for work.

Thanks to everyone for coming up, but mostly thanks to my parents for hosting our friends for another amazing weekend.