Crab Boil 2015

Our annual crab boil had been planned for months and there was a new twist- dessert bake off.  Heidi and I got up there a few hours before Nicole and Anna, but as soon as the girls showed, we were off in the boat to collect our crab.  We limited on the first pot, like usual.  The crabs were huge and looked great.  We ate a lot of crab that night.

IMG_6012 IMG_6013

The next morning I got up early to ride the Rabbit Ride from Fairhaven Bike Shop, but only three of us showed.  It was pouring rain and I ended up leaving the other two and riding by myself for 80% of the ride.  It was REALLY wet.  I love the route and can’t wait to do that ride with a bigger group next summer.

By the time I got back to Birch Bay, the girls were out on a 6 mile walk to Point Whitehorn and back.  Jim, Laurie and Leo came by and had some crab in the sunshine on the deck.  Once the girls got back,  we went out crabbing, hit the grocery store and Barleens and made the crab boil.  It was awesome.

IMG_6018 IMG_6020 IMG_6024

After dinner things got serious.  We had the dessert-off and it was declared a tie (of course).  Nicole and I sort of admitted the other girls won, but officially we tied.  Nicole and I made a chocolate hazelnut mousse ganache.  It was WRONG it was so good.  Anna and Heidi made lemon cheese cake with blueberry compote, frozen hot chocolate and individual chocolate molten lava cake.  It was crazy.


I can’t wait for next year!  Thanks to my mom and dad for letting us crash their place.  It was really fun hanging out with them.