Josephine Lake- PCT- Stevens Pass 2013

Heidi and I hiked into Josephine Lake via Stevens Pass Ski Area on October 19 and 20, 2013.2013stevens01 The weather in Seattle was horrible- foggy and misty with temperatures in the upper 40s.  When we arrived at Stevens Pass around 2 pm, temperatures up here were in the upper 60s due the inversion and the lack of clouds.  It was gorgeous.  We parked in the main Stevens Pass parking lot, grabbed our packs and Lulu and headed through the RV parking lot and across Big Chief (apparently called Kehr’s Chair now)2013stevens02 We crossed under Tye Mill Bowl and started heading up Crest Trail.  This is looking west at lower Rock Garden from 7th Heaven.2013stevens03 It had snowed pretty significantly about 3 weeks earlier.  This is still climbing up Tye Mill.2013stevens04

This is once we got over the top and dropped into Mill Valley.  This is near Aquarius.2013stevens05

This is cutting across the Way Backs and into Corona Bowl.  Lulu still had more energy than us at this point.2013stevens06

This ski did not fare well after probably getting lost on a big powder day.2013stevens07 Looking toward Southern Cross and Big Chief Mountain.2013stevens08

Once across Mill Valley, we headed up and past Lake Susan Jane.  The snow was pretty thick on the trail and Heidi’s feet got pretty wet.2013stevens09

Lulu did not love the snow.2013stevens10

Lake Susan Jane from above.2013stevens11

Heidi was pretty stoked when we finally arrived at our camp site above Josephine Lake.  She surprised me with a Heineken she had snuck in her pack.  It was GOOOOOD.2013stevens12 There was actually a considerable amount of snow in the area, but our site was perfect.2013stevens13

Lake Josephine.2013stevens14

As the sun began to set.2013stevens15

Although it wasn’t very cold out, we hit the tent early.2013stevens16

The next morning we got up, had breakfast and enjoyed the sunshine.2013stevens17

Here’s the cliff that was 15 feet from our tent.  Yikes.2013stevens18

Lulu enjoying the rays.2013stevens19 2013stevens20 2013stevens21

Around 10 am we broke camp and headed back towards Stevens Pass.2013stevens22

Corona Bowl.2013stevens23

Lulu needed a bit of a carry across the rocks.2013stevens24

Back to the base!2013stevens25

Nicole had been visiting a friend in Wenatchee, so we met in Leavenworth for beer and dinner.  The weather was incredible for this time of year.2013stevens26


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