Crystal Mountain Backcountry 2008

March 2, 2008.  Mike Kruger, Dave Larson, Joe Brady and I decided to snag some fresh pow in Pickhandle Basin, just east of Crystal Mountain ski area.  We managed to mooch a free ride up the Gold Hills chair lift, which probably saved us 15 minutes of skinning.  I brought along my new Nikon D300.

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Mike at the lodge.CM200801

Dave is ready to shred.CM200802

Joe is rocking out with his ___ out.CM200803

Skinning just above the top of the lift.CM200804

Nearing the top of Pickhandle Basin.CM200805

Time to de-skin and get some soft stuff going.CM200806

A couple feet of new- and Bob’s the only one with no kids.  Guess who gets to go first?  Yes!CM200807

Larson is the first to follow.CM200808 CM200809

Joe Brady soon thereafter.CM200810

Surprisingly, Mike follows down the first slope.CM200811

The sun doesn’t get very high in the sky this time of year, but the mid-day shadows are gorgeous.CM200812

Seems like his teeth would get cold, but alas- he’s in his element.CM200813 CM200814 CM200815

Time for round #2.CM200816

Mikey.CM200817 CM200818

Joe.CM200819 CM200820


Rainier poking out behind the clouds.CM200822

Round #3.CM200823




Woah.  Someone actually grabbed the camera, but a bit too late to capture the deep and steep.CM200827

Round #4.  I was clearly done playing the photographer, as evidenced by my dirty lens.  One last run and then some much deserved beer…CM200828

Back to the Snorting Elk to celebrate an epic day (poor quality iPhoto shot, but it worked)!CM200829

…to the top!