Mount Adams 2009

May 29-30, 2009.

Mike Kruger, Gunnar Birkeland, Joe Brady and I climbed Mount Adams and skied down. That’s about it.  Drove in from Lyle, got our permits at Trout Lake and started hiking around 2 pm.09adams01



Trekking through the trees- soon to get steep uphill.  At least we have snow this low!09adams04

First break at 4 pm.  Not sure what Joe is staring at in his palm…09adams05

Made it to camp by 6 pm.  Time for dinner.  Everyone eats the expensive freeze-dried meals except Mike- he eats Top Ramen.  It appears to work for him.09adams06

A pound of happiness!09adams0709adams08

Slumming it in the trees.  Did he steal this Backpackers Pantry from someone?09adams09

I brought my tent and “slept” on the only flat spot around.  09adams10

Mike dug himself a semi-flat area, but it looks pretty uncomfortable to me.  Notice he’s in bed before the sun went down.  But he did get up to watch the sunset.09adams1109adams12

It was very hazy due to sand storms in China.  For real.09adams1309adams14

The next morning we got up relatively late and skinned up the mountain.09adams16

Here’s Joe at the lunch counter.09adams17

Three hours from the lunch counter to the summit.  Not bad.09adams18

Proof- Mount Rainier to the north.09adams19

Mount St. Helens to the west.09adams20

Dweebs straight ahead.09adams21

The ski down was epic.  Great corn snow.09adams23

Gunnar on a perfect pitch-south west chutes.09adams24

Joe showing some nice double-pole technique.09adams22

Mikey took a turn with my camera.  Here I am basking in the glory after the pain of 8000 vertical feet of skinning.09adams2509adams26

…to the top!