Leo’s Leica M3

On Thanksgiving, we went out to Heidi’s family’s place and had a great time.  A couple of months earlier, I asked Leo if I could have his M3 fixed, as I knew the rewind was brokeen.  I sent it in and it came back a month later.  I decided to grab some B&W film and see if I could test it out.  The photos are below.  They came out pretty great considering most of them were indoors and it was a dark day/evening and we didn’t use a flash.  Plus, I haven’t used a film camera for over 15 years.  They came out pretty great.

000023710005 000023710006 000023710008 000023710010 000023710011 000023710018 000023710020 000023710023  000023710017 000023710019 000023710021

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