2016 Whistler

On our January 15, I got up at 4:30 am and rallied up to Whistler to meet my family for our annual winter vacation.  Heidi couldn’t make it, unfortunately, but since we had planned it way in advanced, she encouraged me to go.  The reason I got up so early is that I wanted to get a full day of skiing in during the beautiful weather window.  A big storm was coming in the next day, so I wanted to get some blue bird in.  I arrived prior to the lifts opening, got my pass and headed up the gondola solo.  The weather WAS incredible.



I did a bunch of runs and had some lunch before meeting up with my brother’s family.  We had a great time skiing together and finally went out to the condo after the last lift had stopped running.  We stayed at Lost Lake Lodge, which was great.  Mom and Dad made dinner and we had a nice time hanging out, but we were all tired and I went to bed early.  The next morning, the snow level wasn’t super low and we were still tired, so we decided to chill out, hang around the village, and go cross country skiing.

Mike, Glenda and I rented cross country skiis, poles, and boots and headed out around Lost Lake.  It was really fun.  One of the most fun things we did on the trip.


We kept the gear during dinner (Mike and Tara made great spaghetti!) and then headed out later, in the dark.  That was also super fun.  The cold air felt great, the snow was good and the night was just beautiful.




The next morning we got up and rode the bus towards Blackcomb Village.  We skied Blackcomb all day, even during the Seahawks’ playoff game.  The snow was really good and Mike, Jessica, and I skied until the lifts closed.


I headed to the pool after skiing (with a few beers) and it felt so great!


Apparently everyone was waiting for me to go to dinner, so I rushed upstairs, showered and headed into Whistler Village for dinner.  We walked there, which was great, but the dinner was horrible.  We ate at the Brewhouse and the food was lousy.  All of it.  Everyone had a terrible meal.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend it, and I definitely won’t be going back.

The next morning I got up, hit Purebread (one of the best bakeries anywhere) and headed home solo.


Overall, it was a really, really great trip.  Just missed Heidi being there, a lot.