Whistler- September 2015

Heidi and I needed to take a few vacation days- for a number of reasons.  It had been awhile since we’ve been away, we needed to burn our work vacation days and we needed to have some fun!

Our original thoughts were to travel to New York City since we haven’t been there in a few years and we love to go!  So, I found an excellent VRBO in the upper west side.  It was kind of expensive, but we figured it would be better than a hotel, which for some reason seemed more costly than normal.  A few hours after paying for the VRBO, the owner (from Italy) called us for an interview!  That was odd, but even odder was the fact that she told us the price we paid was too low and that we had to pay significantly more or she would cancel the reservation.  Of course I objected, but she had a lot of reasons, apparently, to increase the price.  The pope was coming into town, the UN was in session, etc.  So I cancelled the room and our flights.  Bummer.

Heidi and I had never been to Whistler in the summer, so we decided to check it out.  Since it was off season, the hotel rates were super cheap.  We were able to stay in a Four Seasons one bedroom for less price than a crappy mini hotel room in NYC.


The drive up was dry and pretty sunny.  The hotel was gorgeous and the first thing we did after checking in was to grab a drink and an appetizer in the outside dining area.  It was excellent!



Sorry about the nasty boneyard photo, but those ribs are some of the best I’d ever had.  And that was an appetizer.  The Captain and Coke was exceptional.  We walked Lulu through the village and went back to the room for an early sleep.  We were exhausted from the drive and I was still wiped out from yesterday’s race!



The next morning I got up early to play some golf.  As I mentioned, I’ve never been in Whistler in the summer months and I have always dreamed of playing up there.  Since I was late in the game, I couldn’t get a tee time at the Nicklas course, but I was able to join a threesome at the Chateau Whistler course.  We had to wait around for about 3 hours due to the first frost of the season.  But it was worth it!  It was a beautiful, sunny day despite the early cold.  It warmed up and the course was in beautiful shape.   I shot a respectable 82 and saw three black bears.  Didn’t just seem them, I had to walk around them.  It was incredible.

Heidi went to the spa.  She had a great experience, too.





That afternoon we walked to the village, had some food at the Longhorn, and watched some crazy mountain bikers fly over the huge jumps just above the village.  It looked like a blast.

The next day we woke to heavy rain, so we did some shopping, messed around in the village and I went for a run.  We spent the day shopping around the village, but didn’t buy much.

That evening we got the last reservation at the Rim Rock Cafe.  It was excellent.  Not cheap, but definitely worth the price, especially with the lowly performing Canadian dollar.



IMG_2679 IMG_2682 IMG_2683

The next day we drove home and stopped in Vancouver, one of our favorite cities. We had a great time until Lulu pooped diarrhea all over her crate.  We had to ditch it in a dumpster.  Nasty.  After Vancouver, we visited my parents on the way through Skagit Valley.  Overall, I’d consider it a perfect vacation.