Art and Stacy’s Wedding

San Francisco.  I had been reluctant to commit to traveling the day before the very important Brian Tracy Experience (MFG #3) race.  I wanted to be at the race to support Brian and his family and to hopefully return some of my confidence I’d lost at the South Sound race.  I called Stacy a couple days before the wedding and she was super cool about our late plans to come down.  Even the Galleria Park Hotel was amenable to us getting the wedding rate (6 weeks late).  We flew down on Wednesday, September 30.  It was a great flight and we arrived at the hotel with excellent weather.  We relaxed a bit, had a drink and then headed over to Stacy and Art’s house for dinner.  Their parents and a friend were there and we had a great evening, followed by an Uber ride home.

The next morning we got up late, walked to the Ferry building and had breakfast.  Heidi had coffee and I had tacos.


Following a delicious breakfast, we walked all the way to the Marina district and I was forced to stop at my favorite fast food place.  Okay, my healthy eating hasn’t started yet.


As we were window shopping and heading up the hill towards Pacific Heights, Heidi spotted the Rapha Cycle Club.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had heard about it and I knew it was in San Francisco, but I hadn’t even thought about looking it up.  It’s an awesome place.  Heidi and I spent about an hour there, checking out Andy Bokanev’s photo display.  It was super cool.


We continued up the hill in the beautiful weather and Heidi did some shopping in a few stores she had been interested in around Pacific Heights and then west to Laurel Heights.  We grabbed an Uber and rode to Biergarten in Fillmore.  That was super cool.  By then the weather was really warm and it felt great sitting out in the sun drinking beer and eating pretzels.


By then my parents had showed up and we were getting hungry for some real dinner.  We ended up walking around the Union Square area and sat outside the Irish Bank for dinner.  It was just okay.  But the beer was good.

The next morning we got up and met Mike and Tara and rode the subway out to the Mission District. It was hilarious because the first thing that happened is that a guy walked past the six of us and said “Look at all the rich white people.”  It was kind of hilarious and kind of sad.  The Mission District apparently is known for having the micro climate in San Francisco and has some great architecture.  It’s a diverse neighborhood and definitely worth spending some quality time walking around.

We ended up walking around for a couple hours, had lunch and headed back towards our hotel.  Heidi and I wanted to walk around some more, so we walked towards Washington Square Park and had a nice drink in the sun at the Park Tavern.  We walked up to Coit Tower for a view and then back to our hotel to get ready for the wedding.

It was really fun being in downtown San Francisco, staying in a nice hotel and getting dressed up for a wedding that we were really looking forward to.  As soon as we walked into the City Club, we were taken aback by the Diego Rivera mural and how amazingly beautiful Stacy and Art had set it up.  The entire night was classy and exceptionally well thought out.  The wedding matched their personalities and tastes perfectly.  The dinner was delicious, the bride and groom looked great, and we had a lot of fun!

IMG_2732 IMG_6199 IMG_6200

We made it home by about midnight (about when the dancing started) and went to be exhausted.  Tomorrow morning is going to come early.  We can’t thank Stacy and Art enough for hosting the party and it was really special spending time with my family at a great function in a city far away from where we usually are.