East Coast 2008

New York City, Washington DC, Savannah, Georgia.
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Heidi and I had been talking for years about going to Savannah, Georgia.  I had also never been to Washington D.C., so we figured we’d couple that with my new favorite American city, New York and take a couple of weeks spring break.  I had lost touch with my friend Lee from North Carolina, so I thought maybe we would drive from DC down to Savannah an stop in to see him.  Turns out, he and Tiffany had moved to Manhattan.  Hmmm.  That works!

April fools day, 2008, we flew into JFK, grabbed the sky train and the subway to Manhattan.  Just like real New Yorkers, except they usually take cabs…Eastcoast200801

Our hotel was in Murray Hill, just a couple of blocks from the Chrysler Building.Eastcoast200802

This is a pretty lousy photo, but I gotta say I was pretty stoked to go to my favorite camera store!Eastcoast200803

Had to stop by the west village to visit our friend Rosanna.  No photos of her, though.  Boo.Eastcoast200804

Grand Central Station is a must-stop.Eastcoast200805

This intersection was very close to our hotel…Eastcoast200806

Heidi had heard of this pickle shop, so we ventured down to the east village to check it out.  Those big containers are all full of different types of pickles.Eastcoast200807

We met Lee and Tiffany, but for some reason didn’t take any pictures.  Weird.  But it was really great to reconnect after maybe a decade.  Super cool people!

We did get good advice from them- visit Coney Island.  Although it was cold and pretty deserted, we had a great time.  Eastcoast200808 Eastcoast200809

Can’t pass up on a Nathan’s hot dog!Eastcoast200810

Back to Grand Central Station to meet Randy and Chris for dinner.  They had moved to Connecticut and took a 60 minute train down to meet us.  Had a great time.  Still no photos of them.  Weird.Eastcoast200811 Eastcoast200812

The next day we were off to Washington D.C.  We stayed in the Hotel Rouge- a great Kimpton hotel.  Our room was huge and very cozy!Eastcoast200813 Eastcoast200814 Eastcoast200815 Eastcoast200816 Eastcoast200817 Eastcoast200818 Eastcoast200819 Eastcoast200820 Eastcoast200821 Eastcoast200822 Eastcoast200823 Eastcoast200824

After a LONG day of walking and sightseeing, our room was great!Eastcoast200825 Eastcoast200826 Eastcoast200827 Eastcoast200828 Eastcoast200829 Eastcoast200830 Eastcoast200831 Eastcoast200832 Eastcoast200833 Eastcoast200834 Eastcoast200835

After freezing our butts off as tourists, arriving in Savannah was a warm welcome!Eastcoast200836

That’s our hotel!Eastcoast200837

The alligators were out in force at the Savannah Harbor golf course.  I played it a week before the Champion’s Tournament.  It was great!  I was the first one out in the morning.Eastcoast200838 Eastcoast200839 Eastcoast200840 Eastcoast200841 Eastcoast200842 Eastcoast200843 Eastcoast200844 Eastcoast200845 Eastcoast200846

We did a home and garden tour- Heidi loved it. Eastcoast200847 Eastcoast200848 Eastcoast200849 Eastcoast200850
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