NYC 2007

May 17 to May 20, 2007.

We received a call from Rosanna that she needed a cat sitter over this long weekend.  Of course we accepted.

We rode the subway from JFK into Manhattan, of course.  That’s how we roll.NYC200701

One of the first stops was the new Apple store.  Awesome.  Didn’t buy anything, tho.NYC200702

Heidi was in heaven shopping around the West Village.NYC200703

Outside of Rosanna’s awesome flat.NYC200704

Heidi is still shopping…NYC200705

Took a quick tour through Little Italy.NYC200706

Comfy accommodations.NYC200707

Took a walk down through the financial district and got a view of the Statue of Liberty.NYC200708

Lower Manhattan Trinity Church.  Incredible photos of post 9/11.  Heartbreaking.NYC200709

Headed up to Central Park.  Great weather…NYC200710 NYC200711 NYC200712 NYC200713 NYC200714


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