NYC 2009

August 29-September 1, 2009.

We came up with a GREAT idea!  Since we were going to Germany for two weeks, we might as well take a quick stop in New York City to see our friends and get half way over the jet lag.  Well, it worked out perfectly!  We took a quick walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and this is a look back at the southern tip of Manhattan.NYC091

We did all of our routine stuff in NYC- shopping, eating, riding the subways.  It was great.  We stayed at the Washington Square Hotel, which was tiny and fabulous.  NYC097

The Carnegie Deli was good, but ridiculous.NYC096

Midtown. NYC095

Tiffany and Lee took us on a walk to the newly rebuilt High Line Park near Chelsea.  It was very cool.NYC094NYC093

The next day we walked around the East Village with our buddies, had a great lunch and enjoyed our last night in Manhattan.  Thanks Lee, Tiffany and Rosanna for the entertainment and tours.NYC092

Next, we were off to New Jersey for the relatively short flight to Frankfurt.NYC098

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