NYC 2016

April 28-May 2, 2016.

Heidi and I flew took our (almost) annual trip to Manhattan.   I had secured Pearl Jam tickets at MSG and we planned to meet friends.  We were pretty excited.

The flight out of Sea-Tac was great.  Nice plane (love Alaska Airlines), awesome views.  Pretty chill all the way to Newark.  We’d done this trip a few times before, so taking the train into Manhattan was a piece of cake and our hotel was only a few blocks from Penn Station.


We stayed in a hotel called Eventi.  It’s a Kempton hotel, similar to the Hotel Monaco that we stay in in Portland.  It was nice.  Small, expensive, but pretty great.  The view was pretty ridiculous out of our window.


Heidi and I dropped off our stuff and walked to a recommended pizza place.  I believe it was called Empire pizza.  Classic NY pizza.  So good!  We then walked around for a couple of hours before dark, but made it back to the hotel for a small dinner and drinks.  It was just okay and pretty speedy.  Went to bed really late and slept in!

The next morning we walked to Chelsea Market and had some breakfast/lunch (crepes and rose wine).  We also went to the Chisholm Gallery, which sells vintage European posters.  Almost spent A LOT of money.  Someday we will.  Next, we walked through Greenwich Village and SOHO.  We took a tour in the Tenement Museum, which was pretty interesting.  There was some shopping that happened.  We walked back to hotel via the Flatiron District.


For dinner, we walked over to an area on W. 32nd street and had some Korean food.  We need to learn how to order better.  I’m sure the food was good, we just ordered the wrong stuff.  We walked down the street to a German beer joint called the Reichenbach Beer Hall.  It was pretty cool.

The next morning we rode the subway up to the upper west side to the Patagonia store, where Heidi bought a warm puffy jacket. It was still pretty cold in NYC!  After that we had breakfast in a bagel shop and then walked through Central Park.  Awesome.

We then walked down through Chelsea and met Nicole and Anna at the Chelsea Market, where we proceeded to eat and drink a lot.  That was followed by a walk on the Highline, through the West Village (shopping happened), and into SOHO.



We soon found ourselves in a place called Toloache, which was a great Mexican restaurant.  We had drinks, chips and guac, more drinks, etc.  It was pretty great day drinking.


Our friends, Chris and Randy, met us in SOHO. It was so awesome to see them.  We stopped for a coffee at a place called Joe and the Juice or something like that.  Anna and Nicole took off to freshen up and chill out at their hotel.  Chris and Randy were hungry, so we stopped at a Greek restaurant for a snack.  After that, we walked for awhile and found a tiny little bar.  I can’t remember the name, but we had martinis and wine.  That was a pretty good start!


Randy had spent a lot of time in Manhattan and knew of a cool place to grab drinks.  I believe it was called Attaboy, on Eldridge, between Broome and Delancey.  It is a speakeasy that had an interesting entrance.  It was also really dark inside, but super cool.  We had a great drinks and by the time we left, we were feeling pretty great.


Randy was a bit hungry, so he grabbed dumplings at a place called Yupdduk.  So good!  Then we grabbed a taxi and headed north to Tao for dinner and to meet up with the girls.



The food and drinks were top notch.  We had a great time and Randy snuck his credit card to the waitress before we knew what happened.  I’m always amazed by Chris and Randy’s generosity.  It was beyond unexpected and amazingly nice.  We jumped in an Uber and drove through heavy traffic to the Magnolia Bakery on the upper west side for dessert, but by the time we got there Randy and Chris had to head back to Grand Central Station for their train.  It was a bummer that we couldn’t spend more time with them, but the time we did spend was really great.

I had to take this photo of the Empire State Building out of our window when we arrived home that night.  Pretty neat.


When we woke up the next morning, a bizarre thing happened.  We couldn’t hear car horns honking. That’s almost impossible in Manhattan; instead we heard an occasional cheer and yells of encouragement.  The Five Boroughs Ride was happening.  For hours, thousands of bicyclists streamed by our hotel in the rain.  It was really cool.

We got up relatively late, met Nicole and Anna at their hotel, and made it to a downtown subway.  We walked to the 911 Memorial.  As always, it was emotional, but the rainy weather made it even more so for me.



We also walked through the Trinity Church and Century 21.  The weather gradually improved, so we jumped the subway back to Eataly in the Flatiron District.  We had some amazing pasta dishes that we shared.  Then we walked across 5th and Broadway to Madison Square Park, where I was forced to get a burger at the Shake Shack.  It was as good as it looks.


We said good-bye to the ladies and went back to our hotel to get ready for the concert.  We had seen Pearl Jam before at MSG, and it was the best show I’d ever seen.  So, when I got an opportunity to buy general admission tickets, I had pounced.

The rest of the photos don’t really need any explanation.








We were hungry after the show, so we went back to Empire Pizza for a few slices.  So good!


The next morning we got up late, walked down to the West Village, saw Rosanna’s old place, looked for Cafe Angelique and found that it was closed.  So, we jumped a train back up to Central Park, walked around for awhile, got some gelato and caught the train back to Newark.

One of our best NYC trips ever.

That’s our hood flying back in…