NYC and East Coast 2006

On September 23, 2006, Heidi and I took off from SeaTac Airport heading for JFK.  Our plan was to hang out in Manhattan for 5 days, take a train to Boston where we would rent a car and drive to Maine for a week to check out Acadia National Park and see the beautiful northeast autumn colors.2006Eastcoast01

I had never been to New York City (aside from being in an airport).  Heidi had, but it had been quite awhile.  We were excited.  We rode the subway to our hotel in Murray Hill, threw down our luggage and grabbed some pizza.  AWESOME.  Then we walked the 2 or 3 blocks to Times Square.  It was amazing to watch the ambient light just get brighter and brighter the closer we got.  What an incredible place.  This was the first and last time I was super excited to see Times Square.  It’s just…overwhelming.2006Eastcoast02 2006Eastcoast03

Empire State Building.  We will be back!2006Eastcoast04

The next day we got up and rode the taxi downtown to see Rosanna in the West Village.  2006Eastcoast05

It was awesome to see her- it had been years.  She decided to give us a tour of her new city.  The best thing about it is that she likes to walk as much as we do, so we just headed out and wore out our shoes.2006Eastcoast06

We walked toward midtown and marveled a the incredible city, it’s people and architecture.  Here’s the Flatiron building.2006Eastcoast07

Rosanna took us to Little Italy.  Very awesome.2006Eastcoast08

Then we kept going south to the former World Trade Center site.  It is amazing how much work they had gotten done in 5 years.  2006Eastcoast10

Ah, ha!  Lady Liberty.2006Eastcoast11

That afternoon we took a subway back to our hotel.  We couldn’t believe how tall it was.2006Eastcoast12

The next day we hurried over to the Empire State Building for a serious tourist attraction- viewing Manhattan from WAY up.  It was unbelievable.2006Eastcoast13

Check that out.  Click on the photo.  It’s INSANE.  And this is only a small fraction of the entire city of New York.  Mind blowing.  Consider the infrastructure below the surface- water, sewer, etc.  I was falling in love with this city.2006Eastcoast14

After the Empire State Building, we walked up to Central Park.  Okay, now I’m convinced I could easily live here.  Yep.2006Eastcoast15 2006Eastcoast16

We walked back to midtown and found St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Wow.  Right in between the skyscrapers is a church like the centuries old European cathedrals we’ve been in.  Crazy.2006Eastcoast17 2006Eastcoast18

The next morning we were wandered downtown near the famous Barnes and Noble bookstore and just happened to see Bono and the Edge drive by in a black Suburban.  It was crazy.  I couldn’t believe it.  Famous people everywhere.  I was pretty much freaking out.2006Eastcoast19

That night we met Rosanna for a drink near the Meat Packing district.  Beautiful location and view.2006Eastcoast20

The next morning we headed downtown.  Here’s a shot of the Financial District.2006Eastcoast21

Of course we had to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.2006Eastcoast22

We came across Trinity Church and finally realized the full scope of 9/11.  Heidi and I had been in Europe on 9/11/2001 and did not experience the magnitude of the fear and horror that most Americans felt.  We were in a foreign land with minimal news coverage.  We didn’t realize the impact- the flight shutdowns, the shock and anger that people on the ground were dealing with.  We definitely did not feel the impact when we came back.  But on September 27, 2006, I finally figured it out.  Walking through Trinity brought me up to speed- put me in my place and made me reexamine my feelings about what really took place.  Politics aside, my blood boiled at the thought of the terrorists and the pain the citizens of New York and everyone directly affected by the attacks.  2006Eastcoast23

This is a photo of a photo I saw in the church.  I apologize for the plagiarism, but this photo said so much I had to share it.2006Eastcoast24

This was a display at the church that was simply heartbreaking to look at closely.2006Eastcoast25

Although these are mostly ancient graves, this spot was directly and massively affected by the falling of the twin towers.2006Eastcoast26

Here’s a photo of the church spire as the buildings fell.2006Eastcoast27

What a crazy and important site to visit.  We had to wrap up our last night in Manhattan by doing some window shopping.2006Eastcoast28

The next day we hopped an early train at Grand Central Station, headed up to Boston, where we splurged and rented a little Mercedes and made our way to southern Maine.  Our first stop- Kennebunkport.  Not to visit the former president’s estate, though.  It was a really cute little town.  Our B&B was nice.2006Eastcoast29 2006Eastcoast30

This town reminded us a lot of LaConner.2006Eastcoast31 2006Eastcoast32

Of course we had to get Lobstah the first night there.  Yep, it was pretty darn good.2006Eastcoast33

Here’s our little rental car as we head out of Kennebunkport in the rain.2006Eastcoast34

We made our way to Portland, Maine.  We didn’t spend much time there, but the town seemed great.  We will certainly come back.2006Eastcoast35

That afternoon we made it to Freeport.  Our B&B here was even better and we had some fun shopping at the MASSIVE LL Bean Store and the outlet malls.2006Eastcoast36 2006Eastcoast37

The weather cleared up and we had some great views of harbors and towns that look exactly like LaConner.  2006Eastcoast38

The next day we drove up through Bath…2006Eastcoast39 2006Eastcoast40

Boothbay…2006Eastcoast41 2006Eastcoast42

…and spent the night in Camden.2006Eastcoast43

We went for a really nice hike in Camden called Mt. Battie.2006Eastcoast44 2006Eastcoast45 2006Eastcoast46

The following day we drove to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.2006Eastcoast47 2006Eastcoast48 2006Eastcoast49

The terrain in Acadia National Park is extremely rugged, tree line is super low elevation and the granite rock is everywhere.2006Eastcoast50 2006Eastcoast51 2006Eastcoast52

Here is the B&B we stayed in at Bar Harbor.  It was haunted.2006Eastcoast53

Just a few minutes after this photo was taken, a big earthquake hit right under Bar Harbor.  It was loud and even a slight bit of damage occurred at the park.  It sounded like a truck hit the side of the building.2006Eastcoast54

This was our lobstah friend selling ice cream.2006Eastcoast55

We drove back to Boston the next day, toured around the city, stayed in a super fancy hotel and flew back the next morning.  What a great trip!2006Eastcoast56 2006Eastcoast57



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